Name: Chana
Age: 30

My profile: Very active, I always travel by practicing sports or having physical activities. I am open to all sporting disciplines: cycling, marathon, diving, golf, etc.

Details: Thailand is one of the most complete countries in Southeast Asia in terms of geography and infrastructure. Mountains, plains, savannah, beaches, caves, rivers, roads are easy access. National parks abound in the country and are places for adventure sports activities such as trekking, rafting, mountain biking, climbing, etc. Thailand also has world-class facilities and equipments for the practice of high-level sports. Many golf courses of extraordinary beauty with difficulties matching international standards are endowed with exceptional services of reputation worldwide are found everywhere, in the mountains, by the sea or even in town. In the same way, world class dive sites are found both on the Andaman Sea side as in the Gulf of Thailand. International competitions are organized throughout the year: Pattaya or Phuket Marathon, Thailand Cycling Tour, Golf Open, Tennis Tournaments, Jet Ski, etc.

Trekking, Mountain biking, Hiking

For hiking enthusiasts, Thailand offers countless opportunities ranking from challenging events to simple mountain walks. These trips will take you to the remotest parts of the country where you will discover extraordinary waterfalls or villages of mountain tribes living in autarky. At the rhythm of your walk, you will enter a world extraordinarily rich in vivacity and diversity of tropical flora and fauna. On the elephant trail or in the heart of the rainforest, on a limited budget or to the tastes of comfort, you will see an amazing and authentic Thailand. You will spend walking, elephant ride, mountain biking or bamboo raft sliding on the calm waters engulfing the teak or bamboo forests.


True paradise of the golfer, Thailand possesses the most beautiful and refined lands of Southeast Asia. All golf clubs offer quality services and a warm welcome. Almost all golf courses are public and many of them are golf-resorts. Only a few golf courses are private. Be sure to receive international level services with friendly staff attention. In general, golf courses are never far from major cities such as Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket or Hua Hin.

Seasons of golf:

Average temperature of 29 ° C with peaks in Bangkok from 35 ° C in April and 17 ° C in December. There are 3 seasons:

– Fresh season (Nov.-Feb.)

– Hot Season (Apr-May)

– Rainy season (June-Oct.)


Diving in Thailand is a must for those who are attracted to this activity. There are plenty of options for snorkeling and scuba. On Phuket (Koh Phi Phi, Koh Rajah, Similan, Surin or Richelieu), a tropical fauna and an extraordinary fauna composed of manta rays, sharks and whale sharks, tuna and barracudas will make your dive an exceptional trip. On the Gulf of Thailand side, the diver will also find happiness with places like Ko Tao, Ko Pha Ngan, Ang Thong. With a water temperature of 28 ° C on average and an incredible underwater richness diving in Thailand will satisfy the most demanding divers. For lovers, diving schools and high quality equipment are found on all diving spots.

Cycling, Motorbike, 4×4

Another way to visit Thailand is to do it by bike, motorcycle or car. An extraordinary road network will allow you to reach major cities quickly by highways and by express roads with 4 or 6 lanes. Another possibility is to take the secondary roads passing in small towns or along the coasts. This type of journey will take you to the heart of deep Thailand. You will experience your journey to the rhythm of the Thai countryside. In the mountains of the north and south or the northeast, you will have the pleasure of driving on winding roads revealing magnificent panoramas sometimes crossing national parks