Shopaholic & Eatery

Name: Somtam
Age: 26

My profile: Pretty young chic woman loving to dress with style, just like coming out of the fashion show catwalk, I like to sneak into shopping malls, markets, shopping districts where there is a lot to discover and buy for me and for my relatives. I love culinary experiences by trying specialties of all origins.

Thailand is truly the paradise for shopping. Bangkok, the flagship capital of Southeast Asia, abounds in shopping centers of all kinds ranking from the most luxurious in the world to wholesale markets. A large quantity of branded or locally manufactured items is easily found. The capital was voted the 2nd best city for shopping, among 40 cities around the world by a survey made with 75,000 visitors. As for Chiang Mai, the second largest city in the country, crafts are represented at its highest level. You will find in this art capital of the country, thai silk, lacquered objects, goldsmith’s art, teak wood sculpture, celadon pottery, etc.

The Thai way of life is, above all, turned around the table. That is why we will see the Thai people eating at any time of the day. Thai culture, with its sensitivities, linked to a generous nature and climate offering fresh quality products and the inventive character of the Thais finally culminated in a world-famous cuisine, cleverly balanced with blends of flavors, colors and perfumes. Several dining options await you: Street Foods, Dinner Cruise, Gourmet Restaurants, Local Cuisine Restaurants and Avant-Garde Cuisine Restaurants. Thailand abounds with a wide choice of Thai and international culinary specialties (Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese, French, Italian, German, Swiss, Oriental, Russian, etc.).