Name: Pailin
Age: 38

My profile: Elegant and refined woman, native of the northern countries, I am pretty and fortunate. Everything I choose should be stylish and better quality at will. When I travel, it is always first class, limousine and in the big palaces. I am friendly and share my luxurious life with everyone.

Details: Luxury and service are the natural qualities of the Thai people worldwide known for its warm welcome. A large number of 5-star hotels and luxury establishments cover a wide range of ambiance, style and charm. From Bangkok, the vibrant capital to the peaceful green mountains of the north or to the sun-drenched beaches of powdery white sand sliding beneath a warm sea of crystalline clarity, you will have the choice between staying in luxurious modern city hotels or staying in bungalows or villas With private swimming pool inlaid in nature.