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Details: Thailand has become a dream destination for couples or honeymooners, equipped with a high-quality welcome infrastructure that can satisfy everyone ranging from adventurers to sophisticated travelers. All the charming accommodation of the most luxurious resorts serve visitors with varied and unique formulas. The country has become a prime destination for organizing wedding ceremonies that are very diverse in responding to all religious denominations and all moments that are meant to be unique (elephant weddings, underwater marriage, marriage on the beach, etc.)

Getting married or just celebrating weddings in Thailand has become a dream for all those who wish to mark this unforgettable moment of their lives without worrying about the hassles. Such ceremonies must be perfect in every aspect. With charming hotel facilities, a sense of refined service, and quality of professionalism, Thailand offers you possibilities of organizing wedding or honeymoon trips with a warm caring.


  • Krabi, Railey Beach: Perched 20 meters above the sea, you will receive your marriage certificate with THE CLIFF WEDDINDS.
  • Trang, Pak Meng Beach: At 10 m depth, your union will be celebrated in the presence of hundreds of fish invited to witness your union.
  • Lampang : Unite with other couples in traditional Lanna-style dress and in an unprecedented procession on the elephant back.
  • Blessed Weddings: Because of its great foundation in religious beliefs, Thailand allows you to get married according to Buddhist religious methods or other religions.


Celebrate your wedding and live the first moments of your life together in a dream environment on a honeymoon that exceeds your expectations. In Thailand, you can experience a new way of life bathed in a culture rich in diversity and in idyllic remote and intimate locations. Vibrate with Bangkok’s bustling capital city with its modernity and history filled with history : temples with unique Thai architecture, luxurious boutiques and shopping centers, gourmet restaurants and trendy bars. Conversely, enjoy the tranquility of the Thai countryside and enjoy a generous nature and beautiful scenery of mountain or seaside.

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Depending on your budget, your lifestyle, your needs and your requirements for the most important moments of your life, let us know about your project. Our team of experts will help you make your dream come true. Thailand can offer you more than you think. Indeed, marriage is a most important milestone for Asian societies. That’s why in Thailand you’ll find everything you need at the lowest cost: Wedding costumes and outfits, gifts and souvenirs …