Educational & Cultural

Name: Wittaya
Age: 34

My profile: A cultivated and educated man and a scholar, I travel only to learn and deepen my knowledge of the world and humanity.

Details: Thailand is a country with a long history. The territory was the site of ancient communities over 3,000 years old (Baan Chiang in Udon Thani, Baan Prasat in Nakhon Rachasima, Baan Kao in Kanchanaburi, etc.). Historically, the country has existed as a Kingdom since the 13th century and was the center of diplomatic relations in the region. It follows the establishment of ancient cities classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Ayuthaya, Sukhothai, Sri Satchanalai, Kamphaengphet). A well-established and defined lifestyle, varying across major regions of the country, offers a wide variety of languages, traditions, know-how and beliefs that are shown into festivities throughout the year.

While travelling in Thailand, tourists have the possibility to try training courses in different areas, from beginners to advanced levels: Thai cooking lesson, fruit and vegetable sculpture, traditional Thai massage lesson, flower arrangement design, etc.