Community Based Tourism

Name: Baan
Age: 45

My profile: Balanced and harmonious person, respectful of nature and its environment, I travel respecting the ecosystems and trying to regenerate the environment by going to plant trees, rebuild corals. I love experimenting and doing cultural exchanges.

Details: Ecotourism in Thailand is booming and represents the new trend of discovery of the country. With its generous nature, tropical climate, lush vegetation and great biodiversity, Thailand has become a favorite place for travelers to visit the country while respecting its ecological balance and enjoying their favorite leisure activities (bird watching, Hiking, discovery of nature, etc.)

Another area of ​​great tourism success is Community-based Tourism. Live where the Thai live and live like the Thais, in their communities, experience an authentic way of life and learn, directly with the villagers, different religious, culinary experiences, artisanal or agricultural activities has become a real MUST to acquire during a trip to Thailand. This kind of tourism is managed and belongs to the communities themselves, in order to share and show their local way of life.

The communities: By its geography, Thailand can be classified according to different ways of life

– The North with its mountains and forests benefits from a particularly cool climate allowing planting of coffee, tea, fruits and vegetables of countries with temperate to warm climate.

– The northeast, a vast region of highlands with a rice farming lifestyle

– The south and its seaside with a lifestyle of fishermen.

We offer you a choice of more than 30 villages in all regions of Thailand, each with its own history, specificity and character. The accommodation is homestay with local comfort. Many villages have a school, a temple, arable lands, and a village-specific management system.

Baan Ta Pa Pao (Lamphun): Yong community with a firm will to preserve their forest which is the food and herbal medicine source and birthplace of streams necessary for life.

Baan Mae Kampong (Chiang Mai): Ancient Lanna community planting coffee and tea and owning their own hydro-electric power plant and drinking water purification system.

Baan Prasat (Nakhorn Rachasima): Fascinating archaeological site of ancient civilizations old of more than 3,000 years. Live with a family of rice growers, savor delicious homemade cakes.

Baan Klong Noi (Surat Thani): Enjoy life by the river, learn how the monkeys can assist the work of picking coconuts, fish the fresh shrimp.