Classic Package

Name: Jaopraya
Age: 60

My profile: A middle-aged man of a casual style in my characters and outfits, I am kind and I love to travel to can’t-miss places in one trip. I am easy with accommodation and food. I like travelling in the way that everything is included and planned in an efficient way, so I do not have to worry about reservations and looking for what to do or things not to include in the trip. Comfortable accommodations and all inclusive meals are my favorite. The key is I have to enjoy my trip completely.

Details: The classical tours incorporate the essential-to-visit including significant sites across the region. Culturally, Thailand has sites of great value in beauty, architecture, culture and local lives. Many of the sites are classified as UNESCO World Heritage and are easily accessible. Buddhism, its way of life and the religious fervor of its practitioners translate into a quiet life with generous and welcoming Thai characters. Geographically, Thailand is endowed with enormous diversities, ranging from northern forests, the central plains of its green rice fields, beaches of fine white sand and breathtaking islands and landscapes.